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Thank You AAOGF Partners

Donate to AAOGF

As we enter into a new calendar year, I am reminded of our need to sustain support of the truly excellent programs of our foundation, the AAOGF. Through the generosity of our predecessors, our colleagues, and many of you in AGOS, the Foundation has successfully weathered turbulent financial times and our programs continue to thrive.

  • Over the past several years, AAOGF support of the AGOS Scientific Meeting has enabled the Society to reach a steady, self-supporting state without extra member assessments or increases in fees.
  • With the generous support of our partners ABOG and SMFM, we have increased the length of our mentored research training grants to three years and increased the size of the annual award to $120,000/year. A growing number of leaders in our field are former AAOGF Scholars!
  • Our travel awards provide opportunity for young academic faculty to attend an AGOS meeting and to be introduced to our organization. I believe that participation of the next generation of leaders in our field makes our meeting all the more exciting.
  • Our bridge grant program facilitates the work of young physician scientists in ObGyn departments as they transition from mentored research training to become independent investigators. This year the program will expand to include support of established investigators who experience a temporary lapse grant support. The growing need for bridge grants is evident from the response to our request for proposals.

We should all be justifiably proud of the accomplishments of our Foundation in promoting scholarly work in our field and in supporting the future of AGOS!

Please consider making a gift to the AAOGF. That gift will help move our specialty forward.

Your gift to AAOGF is also a great way to honor a mentor or colleague. I hope that you will continue to keep AAOGF among the organizations that you support annually and that you will consider increasing the size of your tax deductible gift this year.

How to Give

Credit Cards:

You may make one-time gifts or recurring donations with all major credit cards by clicking the button below.


  • Please make all checks payable to American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Foundations (AAOGF) and mail to AAOGF, 2331 Rock Spring Rd., Forest Hill, MD 21050

Stock/Marketable Securities:

  • If you would like to donate marketable securities, please have your broker or custodian send the certificates “free and clear” through the DTC system to:

Merrill Lynch Account: STL-02251
Account Name: The American Association of OB/GYN Foundation

Either you or your custodian should contact Mr. Winship Ross in the office of George Dunn and Peter Dunne at the Global Institutional Consulting Division of Merrill Lynch to notify him of a pending transfer. Please include the name and quantity of the securities. His email is and phone is 301-215-4445. Please copy our administrator, Tim McKenna on all correspondence 443-640-1051 ext. 1147.

Contributions to the Foundation are considered charitable donations and are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by applicable law.

With warmest regards,

Thomas R. Moore, MD
President, AAOGF